Executing planned and unplanned activities in a timely manner is one of our Clients highest priorities. To accomplish that ever constant challenge, Trestle continually invests in creating streamlined repeatable processes and established technologies.


Trestle has created dozens of repeatable processes that allow us to consistently get jobs done by their deadline. Whether it is new Client onboarding, billing owners and sending out statements, distributing monthly financial and management reports, executing maintenance work orders, closing out violations, paying your bills, or responding to a critical off-hours emergency, we perform it on documented recurring schedule.

One example of a process that differentiates Trestle is our proprietary delinquency process. Trestle created a technology driven delinquency process that achieves lower delinquency rates at our Clients. Our unique delinquency process allows our Client Associations to begin foreclosure through a collections attorney 70-days faster than the average delinquency process used by other firms. This is important so delinquent accounts can be aggressively closed out before they become too large to resolve without costly and slow legal actions.


Trestle uniquely uses technology to achieve efficiencies that get more done faster, and with less people.

The management software Trestle uses is designed only for managing Community Associations. That way it has the capabilities to address the rare and specific needs of Community Associations, without the added complexity and overhead of managing ancillary businesses, like rental units for example.

Our management software offers unique capabilities such as the My-Community web portal that allows Board members and owners to access key information anytime of day or night, 365-days per year. Owners can access their accounts, change contact information, access association documents and meeting minutes, and pay assessments with a card or bank transfer. Boards can additionally review and approve invoices, submit maintenance requests, and check on the status of violations.

Another example for how Trestle uses technology to achieve efficiencies is “The Depot” Boardroom available for Client use. We implemented an environment where our Client Boards can effectively meet even when some members may be travelling on business or remotely located at a second home.

Integrated Maintenance Services

Trestle created Northwest Maintenance Services at the request of our Clients to provide superior maintenance services than using outside contractors. Trestle is able to directly control the responsiveness and quality of work we and our Clients expect, at a value price.

Northwest Maintenance Services has the skills necessary to handle most jobs, and the ability to quickly triage and resolve emergency issues as they arise. In addition to performing common ad-hoc maintenance activities, Northwest Maintenance Services offers service packages, such as Annual Inspection Report, Emergency Shut-off Identification, Annual Maintenance Subscription, Lighting Service, and Seasonal Services.

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