Online Payments through Your Association’s Web Portal

Your association's Web Portal interfaces with CIT's (formerly Mutual of Omaha) website to make Online Payments. This allows you to initiate one-time assessment payments using your chosen bank or credit card account. This method is a variation of the payment option of CIT's PropertyPay online payment system that pre-fills most of the account and property information on the form. Just like PropertyPay online payments, this arrangement is between you and your association’s bank. Neither your association nor Trestle has a role in setup or management of these payments and has no visibility of the arrangement.

Why Pay your Assessment via the Web Portal?

  • Most of your account and property information is pre-filled.
  • No checks to write.
  • Secure assessment payments.
  • Privacy. Trestle does not have your banking information.
  • Next day payments (not guaranteed). Most payments submitted online are received the following business day. Use the one-time payment if you ordinarily pay by personal check or bank bill-pay, but it's too late to mail your payment in time to avoid a delinquent fee.

Key Features

  • Make a one-time payment.
  • Choose to pay via your bank account or a credit card. A convenience fee (currently $1.95 for bank transfers or 2.95% for card payments) will be charged by the bank for all payments. This is a charge by the bank, not Trestle. Cards accepted are Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover® and American Express®. We cannot accept credit card payments over the phone.
  • Please refer to the bank’s Terms and Conditions linked at the bottom of each page of the Online Payments page.

The Portal is for one-time guest payments only. If you would like to set up recurring online payments, go to CIT's site directly and create a login. Please see our Online Payments page for more information. If you need assistance with your CIT/Mutual of Omaha payments, please call CIT's customer service at 1-866-800-4656, option 3.

Get Started

To use this payment method, go to the My-Community page and login to the Web Portal. Once logged in to the Web Portal, select Pay Now under your account balance.

If you want to make automatic payments, but want Trestle to set up and initiate payments for you, please visit the Automatic Payments page.

Contact us to learn more and obtain a free estimate.