Automatic Payments

Enrolling in Automatic Payments (ACH) allows Trestle to initiate assessment payments on your behalf from your chosen bank checking or savings account. Automatic Payments is among the most reliable, timely and secure methods by which to make your assessment payments and one of the least expensive payment methods for your association to process.

Why Enroll?

  • No checks to write.
  • Predictable, secure and timely assessment payments.
  • Choose to pay via your bank checking or savings account.
  • Set and forget. Once enrolled, so long as your banking information does not change, assessments will be automatically paid from your account. If your bank account changes, please notify Trestle.
  • Amount deducted automatically changes as your assessment changes.
  • So long as the required funds are available in your bank account, there will be no delinquent fees. If funds are not available, NSF and delinquent fees apply.
  • No charge. There is no charge for this service.

How to Enroll

Sign up through the My-Community Portal. Select the option Recurring Payments on the left-hand menu. Click the green New button, fill in the appropriate info and save the form to enroll.

If you want to make automatic payments, but need to make payments on your chosen schedule and/or pay from a credit card, see our Online Payments page.

Contact us to learn more and obtain a free estimate.