Pay Assessments without Payment Coupon

This payment option applies to payment by a bank bill-pay service and any check mailed (regardless of the source) that does not have a payment coupon enclosed.

Payment by bank bill-pay is a popular option and usually reliable. Keep in mind that each bank mails their checks from a different part of the country. Check with your bank for anticipated mail time from your bank to the HOA’s bank in Phoenix, AZ. Ensure that your scheduled date of payment allows enough time for the check to arrive in Phoenix by the assessment due date.

To avoid processing delays, please ensure that the face of the check includes at least 2 of the following 3 pieces of information.

  1. Owner’s name as provided to the association.
  2. Your account number with the association. Your account number appears on your payment coupon or statement.
  3. The full address of your property. Your mailing address is not sufficient.

The check must be payable to your association and mailed to the HOA’s bank at:

<Association Name>
PO Box 63843
Phoenix, AZ 85082-3843

Do not send payments to Trestle’s Bellevue office. Doing so will delay processing of your payment, create additional expense for the association and may result in a late fee to you. Checks mailed from Washington have recently taken 10 or more days to reach the bank. You are responsible for ensuring your payment arrives by the due date.

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