Trestle leads the Community Management industry with a team that has earned the “Professional” label. Our Clients consistently rate Trestle with the highest ratings for professionalism in our regular Client Satisfaction Surveys. We achieve this by modeling our business as a premier consultative services business for the community management industry, where professionals are enlisted to overcome the most complex and difficult tasks, while accomplishing the daily management efforts.


Years of experience is not an end all by itself, but it does build compelling skills, knowledge and expertise others cannot match.

In an industry where the average career-span of a Community Manager is 18-months, Trestle’s Community Managers average 8-years of hands-on experience in the Community Management industry.

Trestle’s accounting team is led by an Accounting Manager who helped pioneer the Community Management industry with over 15-years direct experience. And the rest of the accounting team averages over 5-years experience in Community Management accounting disciplines.

Management Expertise

Trestle Community Managers have advanced expertise in complex initiatives, some detailed below. It is common for Trestle Managers to pull each other into situations where advanced expertise is necessary to meet a Clients needs at the time. This approach means our Clients have access to all the advanced expertise in our company, if needed, not just the assigned manager.

  • Special Assessments
  • Community Association Bank Loans & Amortization Tracking
  • Reserve Fund Investments
  • Insurance Claim Administration
  • Large Scale Remediation
  • Maintenance and Construction
  • Declarant Transitions

Financial Expertise

Keeping accurate, timely, accessible and meaningful financial records forms a foundation for your community association that supports good decisions. Trestle Community Management has been recognized for providing community association financial management that is among the best in the Pacific Northwest. Trestle practices both accrual-basis accounting and fund-based reporting, which provide substantial financial visibility advantages for Community Association Clients.

Accrual-basis Accounting

Washington state law requires associations provide accrual-basis financial statements to prospective buyers of condominium units as part of the resale certificate. Accrual-basis accounting provides a much more accurate and useful snapshot of an association’s financial status than the cash basis accounting still practiced by some management companies. Unlike cash-basis accounting in which assessments and other income are recorded when received and expenses are recorded when a check is written (fundamentally similar to the way you manage your personal checking account), accrual-basis accounting recognizes assessments and other income when earned (but not necessarily received) and expenses when incurred (but not necessarily paid).

Fund-based Reporting

Fund-based reporting separates the financial transactions of the operating fund, the replacement fund (also known as the reserve fund) and other special funds utilized by the association into either separate reports or into separate columns on key financial reports. Fund-based reporting greatly enhances the readability of the financial statements and provides a much clearer picture of replacement fund activity. Though not required, fund-based reporting is recommended for community associations by the AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants).


Trestle invests heavily to advance our Community Managers skills by paying for education and seminars held by the Community Associations Institute (CAI), most often leading to elite certification levels.

All Trestle Community Manager’s have earned a minimum of the Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA®) certification which is the only international certification designed exclusively for managers of homeowner and condominium associations.

Most Trestle Community Managers have also earned the higher level Association Management Specialist (AMS®) certification held by only 6,000 managers worldwide. The AMS designation recognizes ongoing professional development and industry expertise for community managers.


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