Management On-Demand

Trestle’s Management On-Demand service is for Community Associations that have an active, hands-on Board of Directors that want to save budget by taking on part of the workload in operating the community.

It enlists Trestle to provide proactive financial management of your community within your guidelines and approvals at a fixed monthly charge.   Trestle serves as the regular interface to your membership, freeing the Board to implement planning, projects and activities you want to accomplish throughout the year, while providing an experienced assigned manager who is available and chargeable only when you need additional help.

 Included Scope of Services

  • Administrative Management Services
    • Maintain records.
    • Resale Certifications & Lender Requests.
    • My-Community web portal for Owners and Boards.
  • Financial Management Services
    • Banking
      • Manage primary operating and reserve accounts.
      • Make transfers from operating to reserve accounts.
      • Deposit miscellaneous funds (refunds, rent, etc.).
    • Collections / Accounts Receivable
      • Prepare and mail billing statements.
      • Post and deposit owner payments, including ACH payments.
    • Delinquency Enforcement
      • Run Trestle’s proprietary delinquency process.
      • Issue delinquent notices and letters.
    • Disbursements / Accounts Payable
      • Pay all bills budgeted or approved by Board.
    • Financial Reporting
      • Prepare accrual based financial statements and reports.
  • Meeting Attendance & Preparation
    • Make Trestle’s “The Depot” Board Room available for Board meetings.
  • Property Management Services
    • Board Advice & Consultation
      • Consult and provide advice per industry standards.
      • Provide Washington State RCW and public policy information, guidance and awareness.
    • Community Point of Contact
      • Communicate with membership with a maximum of one-business day response time.
    • Management Reporting
      • Prepare a management report in Trestle’s standard format.
    • Emergency Service
      • 24x7 emergency call support.
    • Architectural Controls
      • Collect architectural requests; create and send ACC violation notifications.

 Additional Services Available

  • Financial Management Services
    • Investments
      • Assist Board with the investment of funds.
  • Advanced Financial Management Services
    • Audit and Taxes
      • Audit & tax coordination with accountant.
      • Process Federal income tax payments.
    • Planning
      • Prepare annual budget and implement through membership approval.
      • Coordinate reserve study.
    • Insurance
      • Renew existing insurance policy or competitively bid for new policy.
  • Meeting Attendance & Preparation
    • Coordinate meeting.
    • Attend regularly scheduled Board meetings.
  • Property Management Services
    • Compliance / Violations
      • Collect violations; create and send violation notifications to owners.
    • Site Review
      • Perform regular site walkthroughs.
    • Routine Maintenance (janitorial, landscape contract), Preventative Maintenance (roof & gutter cleaning), & Requested Maintenance (pothole)
      • Create and keep current an annual planned maintenance program.
      • Provide Project Administration efforts: Request proposals from vendors; schedule work with vendors and homeowners.

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