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Community Management Services

Two words describe Trestle.

Professional. Execution.

Find out why we are uniquely qualified to provide superior community management services for your association

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Full-Service Community Association Management

Trestle Community Management is a consultative management services firm designed to meet the distinct needs of Washington State’s homeowner and condominium community associations.

Elevating the community association management industry, Trestle provides specialized advisory and implementation services in support of Board Members and owners. The firm has exclusively served community associations in the greater Puget Sound since 2007.

Who We Are

We are one of the largest locally owned and operated, and publicly recognized Community Management services firms in Washington. We have an unmatched set of mature processes, integrated technologies, and a thoroughly vetted vendor portfolio to ensure optimal operational execution for our Clients.

What We Do

We proactively advise Board Members and drive implementation efforts to attain their goals and the community’s success. Whether the goal is financial well-being, well-maintained facilities and common areas, community rule compliance or planning for significant remediation efforts, we have the skills and experience on staff to help your association.

Who We Serve

Community associations are not one-size fits all and approaches to manage them should not be either. Through dedicated and specialized Practice Area Teams, we serve various Community Association types, such as condominium, single-family homes, mid-rise, high-rise, active-adult and large-scale communities, in Washington state.

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powered by Birdeye

Trestle has taken an unparalleled approach to community association management services.

Learn about our innovative tactics that ensure the best possible results,
no matter the community size or type.


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Mid-Rise, High-Rise
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Active-Adult Communities


Single-Family Homes

  • Condominiums

  • Mid-Rise, High Rise and Estate

  • Single-Family Homes

  • Large-Scale Communities

  • Active-Adult Communities

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