Thanks as always for your prompt response. You are doing a great job managing the association. It can’t always be easy but you certainly know what needs to be done and how to do it. We’re lucky to have you.


The web portal as a whole is great. It really makes it easy to have all the information right there in one spot. The invoice approval process was seamless. Thank you for providing that avenue for us.

Board President

In my two short terms on the board I was impressed with the services and knowledge provided by Trestle.

B.B.-- Board President

I really want you to know how great it is to have our association in the hands of such a great manager. I am continually impressed with your depth/breadth of knowledge, ability to work with all types of personalities, and willingness to get the job done. Thank you so much for all you continue to do!

Board President

I REALLY appreciate your efforts on our collective behalf. Thank you!


Your company is worth every penny. Thank you for all your assistance.

J.R. -- Board President

I know that management is your job and you are paid for your time; however, you do more than the basic requirements. You have made a real effort to understand the needs of a small condo complex. Bids are harder to get and not all companies want to work on small projects. Thank you for understanding that and for working with us in a helpful and caring manner.

R.B. -- Board President

I want to thank you and your associates for the help I have received the past few months. You all have been very efficient, courteous and professional.

T.H. -- Homeowner

I think you (and your company) do a great job handling community issues in a professional, competent, and compassionate manner. I have been so impressed with your service and knowledge!

E.B. -- Board President

To the best of my knowledge Trestle responded promptly to all owner requests. Trestle was able to prioritize issues and help us create processes to streamline our operations.

D.D. -- Board President

You have done a super great job and I want to thank you for all you have done for me and our Association.

M.M. -- Board President

Trestle does a terrific job keeping board members informed of industry trends and proposed legislation that guide our decisions on behalf of the association.

Board President

Thanks for an outstanding job on creating our community web site. This surely will help us promote a better sense of community and contribute immeasurably towards developing productive relationships among owners, members of the board and the community management professionals!

Board President

I just want to thank you for your amazing service since you took over the management of our Community! We have owned our unit since 2008 and have been through a number of management companies and Trestle is by far the best we’ve ever had.

K.S. -- Homeowner

That response by you is the "above the call of duty" professionalism that makes working with you worthwhile. Thank you so much.

J.R. -- Board Vice President

Residents here are pretty impressed with the Northwest Maintenance Services crew who responded immediately to the damage to a home when a SUV jumped the curb and damaged the fireplace area. I met Paul and his associate and was pretty happy with the information he gave me on the mission of the maintenance team. Overall, the program sounds awesome.

K.M. -- Homeowner

I need to commend you on your responsiveness and willingness to be so helpful throughout the sales process. It has been a very smooth transaction because all our questions were answered promptly.

S.L. -- Real Estate Broker

Thanks for keeping us updated. I really appreciate the communication. We never heard from our last property managers, even when the information was so obviously needed.


I’m impressed with Trestle’s use of PC and web technology.

P.D.C. -- Board President

Thanks for the follow up! We’re all squared away! Thanks for being such a great property manager and staying on top of things! You are priceless! Thank you!!

A.Z. -- Real Estate Broker

Thanks to all for a great meeting last night. Trestle did a terrific job getting us the expert opinions we needed to move forward with an important issue and each of you had insightful questions and comments to add to the discussion. I only wish more owners could have seen you all in action.

Board President

I just want to thank you for giving such a detailed and thorough presentation tonight. I really enjoyed it and also learned where we stand financially. It was great.

Board Treasurer

Wanted to thank you for all the great work Northwest Maintenance Services did on our house. We appreciate the quality and professional job you did.

J.R. -- Homeowner