Northwest Maintenance Services

Northwest Maintenance Services is the maintenance group for Trestle Community Management, created at the request of our Clients to provide superior maintenance services guidance, responsiveness and quality.

Northwest Maintenance Services works with Trestle managed and non-Trestle managed Community Associations to create and execute short and long term maintenance plans to ensure communities look and operate at their best, thus preserving the quality of lifestyle expected and maximizing property valuations.   Northwest Maintenance Services has the skills necessary to handle most jobs, and we have the ability to quickly triage and resolve emergency issues as they arise.

In addition to performing common ad-hoc maintenance activities, Northwest Maintenance Services offers service packages, such as:

  • Annual Inspection Report
    • Consider this a reserve study for maintenance actions needed over the next 12-months.  A 2-day effort reviews all components of the community and delivers a written report that recommends prioritized projects throughout the next 12-months.  A perfect tool to have during budget season.
  • Emergency Shut-off Identification
    • Do all members of your Board and management team know where critical water, electrical, gas and fire sprinkler shut-offs are in case of emergency?   This effort provides a written report that documents their location and how to shut-off critical services.
  • Annual Maintenance Subscription
    • Have your community looking the best it can.   The maintenance subscription has a skilled person on your site 4 or 8 hours twice monthly to perform various tasks that just need to be done.  Tackle the to-do list, or just make sure the community is picked-up.  Why wait for things to happen?  Be proactive in maintaining your community. 
  • Lighting Service
    • Rather than living in the dark experiencing burned out lights or broken fixtures until service is called, this monthly or quarterly proactive service makes regular visits to ensure your community is properly illuminated at the right times.
  • Seasonal Services (Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter)
    • Each time of year has action items that should be regularly performed.   This service automatically schedules, inspects and performs those efforts throughout the year.   Whether it is working to prevent water intrusion in the winter, controlling moss in the spring, power washing in the summer, or cleaning off gutters and roofs in the fall, we automatically keep your community in excellent condition throughout the year.
  • Project Management
    • Larger projects often require a dedicated oversight professional to ensure activities are being performed on schedule and to proper quality levels.   Our Project Managers have the experience to oversee, communicate, track and validate efforts before payments are made.

WA Contractor’s License #NORTHMS846PF

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