Our Business

Formed in 2007, Trestle is 100% focused on Community Management Services in support of over 100 associations in King, Snohomish and Pierce counties. We serve garden style, mid-rise and mixed-use Condominium Associations, single family Homeowners Associations, and Large Scale Master Communities. All Trestle personnel are based from our office in Bellevue, Washington. We have established relationships with several of the Puget Sounds largest home builders to guide communities from dirt through to owner run Board of Directors.

Why We Are Different

Trestle Community Management was designed from the ground-up as a premier consultative services business for the community management industry. Trestle is run by business managers experienced managing consulting & professional services businesses, complemented by the best and most highly skilled community managers and accountants in the industry, matched with mature processes and technology that uniquely deliver superior Community Management services to Clients.

Many other Community Management firms started as an accountant or community manager breaking out on their own. As these firms grew, management of the firm became complex in areas these individuals were not trained nor prepared for. As a result, their processes and service offerings commonly struggle with inefficiencies and leadership challenges.

Similarly, firms that offer Community Management spawned from a business of apartment or real estate services can be challenged with budget and resource sharing needs across divisions, while attempting to use management software, people and processes based from apartment management, not community management.

Both of these situations have resulted in firms offering sub-optimal services to clients who require guidance from a professional, and execution to get things accomplished to plan.

Our Operating Philosophy

Trestle’s approach is based on our belief that Community Management is all about helping maximize homeowner investments since it is the greatest financial commitment most people make in their lifetimes. Having well managed communities and quality environments that people want to live in is one of the greatest determinants to the value of homes. It sounds simple, but it’s not. It requires constant application of expertise, dedication, knowledge and passion to guide and offload a volunteer Board of Director’s and homeowners who have lots of other things to focus on in their daily lives.

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